Customer support is one of the top things to look for when choosing a web hosting provider. And finding a web host that can supply you will all of the web hosting features you need, speedy and reliable servers, as well as a good customer support system and team can be difficult. But, WebHostingHub just may the web hosting provider you have been looking for. In this article we will take a look specifically at the WebHostingHub customer support and let you know how they compare to other web hosts.

Whether you are new to web hosting or a webmaster chances are there will be an occasion where you need help with your website. For a beginner having a good web hosting support team, that can communicate with you on your level of computer experience, can determine whether your site becomes a success or if you get frustrated and walk away. For webmasters it’s important to choose a web host that takes customer support seriously and makes sure their support staff is very familiar with their system and what may or may not work with their system. Having customer support that can also communicate with your level of experience, when you need help with programming, creating code, customizing, or fixing a technical issue, is imperative to your overall web hosting experience with the web host. WebHostingHub does an excellent job of providing customer to support of all levels to their customers.

There is very little standard across the board for what to expect from a web hosting company when it comes to customer support. For instance, free web hosting may or may not have any support whatsoever, and if they do chances are it will be by email and have a guarantee of answering your question within about a 3 day window. Even then, if you are having an issue then chances are it will take more than just a couple emails to resolve it. Some web hosts offer a 24/7 toll-free number but you are likely to be trying to speak to someone located in another country, with very little training on the actual web hosting system or plan you are calling about. And some web hosts, like WebHostingHub will actually have a number of customer service options to assist you with everything from getting started to managing your website.

Not every web hosting customer likes to communicate in the same way, and WebHostingHub apparently understands that considering all of the different options they offer for customer support. From the WebHostingHub “Support Center” you will have access to the following customer support options:

• Email Tutorials – Help with setting up custom email addresses and different types of email applications such as Outlook, iPhone, and Webmail. Also learn how to prevent SPAM, control email forwarding and autoresponders, and basic email marketing information.
• Website Tutorials – Assists with troubleshooting, website design and management, website security with SSL certificates, creating databases, domain name questions, and more.
• Domain Names – Everything you need to know about domains including domain name registration, transferring an existing domain, and maintaining your domain.
• The Community – Is a place you can go to get answers to your questions. A WebHostingHub staff helps monitor and answer all questions, while other people who may have had the same questions or problem may help as well. Often times by doing a search within the community people find someone has already asked that question and they are able to find answers without waiting for responses.
• Education Channels – Have very informative and detailed information and tutorials on specific products and services included in the WebHostingHub packages such as WordPress, cPanel, Prestashop, OpenCart, Concrete5, and more.

For those needing a quick response to a question or solution for an immediate issue, and/or just want to communicate with a live human being, WebHostingHub offers 24/7 live U.S. support via live chat or toll-free telephone service. The WebHostingHub “Contact Us” page offers very good advice and suggestions to help their customers know which type of communication may work best for their specific question or problem. WebHostingHub does a great job of offering their customers numerous ways to get self help or the help of their well trained and educated support team.