Our WebHostingHub review will take a look at the company in general as well as the specific web hosting features and services they have to offer. If you are looking for the best web hosting plan to meet your personal or business website needs, be sure to read this WebHostingHub review to see if they could be the best web hosting service provider for you. After evaluating the features and service, check out some WebHostingHub customer reviews to learn more about the individual experiences that current WebHostingHub customers have had with the service.

Creating a website with WebHostingHub is made very simple with the completely free premium website builder. Every WebHostingHub account comes with the free website builder which includes a free domain name for the first year, over 500 customizable templates, easy web design that does not require any programming knowledge or experience, and a simple publishing element that will have your site live online in no time. Using the free website builder will allow you to easily add animated flash intros to your site, or simply add a blog, message board, photo gallery, or guestbook. There are dozens of options available and they are all made very simple with this easy to use website builder.

WebHostingHub $3.95 PRICE OFFER

There are many unlimited features included in every WebHostingHub account: disk space, bandwidth, number of domains allowed, email addresses, FTP accounts, and more. Other popular features include the easy-to-use control panel and one-click installer. The control panel makes it very easy to manage all your files and every aspect of your web hosting account from one main browser. The one-click script installer provides dozens of options for installing applications to customize your website; from content management systems to photo galleries and much more. Using the once-click installer makes the process very simple and doesn’t require any technical skills and knowledge about installing software.

In our WebHostingHub review we also found that they are offering web design services. If you don’t want a website made from a template but don’t have the time and/or skills to build your own custom website, the website design services from WebHostingHub are very inclusive and include everything from the design and web hosting to search engine optimization (SEO) and website maintenance. Prices vary depending on your individual needs but a custom quote and evaluation is free. Visit the Web Design page to contact the web design team via chat, toll-free phone, or through an online form.

Another area that we want to cover in our WebHostingHub review is the customer support. There are a lot of web hosting companies that have very sub-par support. They may advertise 24/7 support but all that really includes is a sparse online knowledgebase and/or an email form that they will get to when they get around to it. With WebHostingHub that is definitely not the case. WebHostingHub offers many different web hosting support options including live chat, a toll-free U.S. based phone support line, many online tutorials, and email support. If you have questions, they want to be sure that you can find an answer quickly and through whichever medium works best for you.

WebHostingHub is very competitive in their pricing. When using a WebHostingHub coupon you can sign up for as little as $3.95 per month for the first term. To get the best price you do have to sign up on a 36 month plan that is pre-paid at signup. To use this option you will have to plan on more than $200 at signup; that includes 3 years of hosting, the domain registration for the first year, domain privacy and data backups for the 3 years. After the initial signup the plan will renew every 12 months at the regular rate of $8.95 per month plus optional add-ons. It may sound deceptive but most of the other web hosting services are based on the same type of billing options. Other promotions are available that won’t cost so much out of pocket to begin with. For instance, a 12 month pre-paid plan is $5.95 per month or just under $72 for the full year.  They do still add the domain privacy for $9 and data backups for $12 so your total will be just over $100. Check out the comparison page on the WebHostingHub site to compare their pricing and features to other well-know hosting competitors.

Overall, our WebHostingHub review found that they offer a valuable service at a decent web hosting price. They may not be the very cheapest web host out there, but they are still very affordable and offer a lot of web hosting options that you won’t find with the very cheapest web hosting services. If you are looking to transfer a website to WebHostingHub, they will transfer the site for free and take care of the transfer for you so that you don’t have any downtime and you don’t have the hassle.