With so many web hosting companies to choose from it can be hard to find the one that meets your needs. Two of the best web hosting companies are WebHostingHub and BlueHost. A lot of people are looking for WebHostingHub vs BlueHost reviews because it takes these top web hosting companies and matches them up side by side. WebHostingHub Promo has written this article just for that! Plus, we have a special WebHostingHub coupon and BlueHost coupon that will help you save some money on these award winning web hosting companies.

Both WebHostingHub and BlueHost have a lot in common. This is what can make your decision in choosing BlueHost or WebHostingHub even harder! When you look at the key core web hosting features you will see they are virtually the same. Both of these cheap web hosting companies offer you unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited hosted domains on your account, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited email accounts. For both of these web hosting companies to be able to offer you all those unlimited web hosting features it says a lot about them. It means they are there for their customers even though it might cost them extra money. Money that they spend on the largest, fastest, and most reliable servers!

Something that you shouldn’t get confused about are the free web hosting features they offer. This isn’t the same free web hosting that companies provide you with their advertisements and nothing but spam! These are free features that they provide you to make your life easier! Both of these top web hosting features offer you free customer support, a free domain name, free website builders, and many more free hosting features that you will find in the control panel.

WebHostingHub Promo wants to talk about their customer support in this BlueHost vs WebHostingHub review. With regards to the WebHostingHub customer support you can get help via tutorials, community forums, education channels, email support, and toll free telephone support.  As far as the BlueHost support goes you can get help from BlueHost via live chat, email support, toll free telephone support, tutorials, and user forums. We have used both customer support systems in the past and they are both good. While BlueHost offers live chat support, it sometimes isn’t that great. They can handle basic issues but any complex issues have to be addressed via the BlueHost email support. Again, both companies offer good support systems and it’s all in house which is a nice bonus.

Something that plays a major role in this WebHostingHub vs BlueHost review is the control panels that they both offer. Both of these hosting companies offer the cPanel control panel. This is the best control panel around. A lot of hosts will try to create their own control panels but they struggle! BlueHost and WebHostingHub have decided not to recreate the wheel and just use a very established control panel. What separates these two hosts is BlueHost offers SimpleScripts within their control panel. SimpleScripts is a program that you access within the control panel that allows you to easily upload about 60 of the most popular scripts for your website. This includes WordPress, shopping carts, CMS, and many more programs. While WebHostingHub doesn’t offer you SimpleScripts, you still have access to all these programs on your control panel. In fact, you don’t even have to leave you control panel to access them, they are right on the main page. It really doesn’t matter if they have SimpleScripts or not, just as long as you have access to these programs and they are a one click installs!

Now to the important part of this BlueHost vs WebHostingHub article…the web hosting coupons that can help save you some money! First off let’s say that while we may call it a BlueHost coupon or WebHostingHub coupon, there isn’t really a coupon or code that you need. All you need to do is click on these official links to activate our special BlueHost promo and WebHostingHub promo price offers!

The normal price of WebHostingHub is $6.95 and the normal price of BlueHost is $6.95 also. When you use our official WebHostingHub coupon and BlueHost coupon you will only pay $3.95 a month! That is a huge savings and when you look at what you get from both of these companies you won’t be disappointed!

So who wins this WebHostingHub vs BlueHost review? It’s a tossup but one thing you should know is both companies offer you a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose! WebHostingHub offers you a 90 day money back guarantee and BlueHost offers you a 30 day one! So try either of these companies out and you will be happy. Probably a little bit more happy with WebHostingHub!

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