Two of the most known web hosting companies around are WebHostingHub and GoDaddy. One of the goals of WebHostingHub Promo is to take WebHostingHub and match it up against some of the other best web hosting providers there are. Well in this WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy review we are just doing that. We will offer our readers a chance to save money by using our WebHostingHub coupon links and GoDaddy promo links. We must warn you though that you might be a little surprised to read the outcome of this WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy review!

Perhaps the only thing that a lot people care about is the price they pay for their web hosting services. WebHostingHub Promo understands that but thinks you really need to compare apples to apples to make sure you are getting what you need. With that being said, we are going to deviate from our normal course and provide you with our special web hosting coupons right off the get go in this GoDaddy vs WebHostingHub review.

When looking at these two top web hosting providers you will see that GoDaddy offers a lot more products. To make this web hosting comparison fair, we are only going to look at the GoDaddy shared web hosting. Taking that into consideration when you use our GoDaddy promo links you will automatically save 10% on your entire order. That will make the price of GoDaddy web hosting range from to about $3.80 a month up to $7.50 a month depending on what features your plan has. Now, when you use our WebHostingHub coupon links you will only pay $3.95 a month for web hosting. That is a huge savings considering the normal WebHostingHub price is $6.95 a month.

WebHostingHub Coupon $3.95

GoDaddy Promo 10% off

Now that we have let the cat out of the bag about our special web hosting coupons, let’s take a closer look at these two web hosting providers.  As we mentioned earlier in this WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy review, WebHostingHub only offers one shared web hosting plan while GoDaddy offers three of them.  That doesn’t make GoDaddy any better it’s just that they have choose to break their offerings down into three plans and WebHostingHub has decided to give it all to you in one plan!  To show you how the plans differ we have broken them down into the main categories below and explained to you what each category is.

Data transfer- Data transfer is also known as data bandwidth and is simply the amount of memory you are allowed to transfer over the web hosting servers. The more visitors you have the more data transfer you are going to use up. What happens when you use your allotted data transfer? Two main things: Your website gets shut down or you pay some hefty overage fees. Take a look at how these web hosts compare in data transfer.

WebHostingHub- Unlimited

GoDaddy- Unlimited in all three plans

Disk space- Quite simply this is the amount of space you are allowed to use on the hosts servers. Just like in data transfer, if you go over your allotted amount you face hefty fees or are prevented from storing anymore data.

WebHostingHub- Unlimited disk space

GoDaddy- Ranges from 10 GB to unlimited depending on which plan you choose

Hosted websites- A lot of people might not know what this or might not think it is important but it is! This is the number of web sites you are allowed to have in your control panel. Some hosts only allow you to have one website while others allow you to have unlimited. Meaning, you can have 1 website up and running or 20 websites up and running and still only pay for one account. That is the big thing, it saves you money!

WebHostingHub- Unlimited hosted domains

GoDaddy- Unlimited hosted domains on all three plans

WebHostingHub Promo only mentioned those three key components for a reason. Those are the most important. After that, GoDaddy and WebHostingHub offer you all the tools you need. Those tools include free website builders, free customer support, WordPress, and a ton of other third party applications. Now we have to say that the WebHostingHub support is far superior than GoDaddy. It just seemed like we were more of a person rather a number.

Now you may still be confused to as why these two web hosting providers are so different and it goes back to the fact that WebHostingHub offers you one plan while GoDaddy offers you three plans to choose from. It will be pretty easy to understand after you read the next paragraph of this WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy review.

All the web hosting features that we have talked about are included in the WebHostingHub plan for only $3.95. Compare that plan to the GoDaddy plan that costs the closest to that you only get 10 GB of disk space, 10 MySQL databases, and 100 email accounts. All three of those features are given to you in an unlimited amount with WebHostingHub. To get the closest GoDaddy plan to the WebHostingHub you are going to pay nearly $8.00 a month for GoDaddy.

The bottom line…you get a lot more bang for your buck with WebHostingHub. They will save you a ton of money and you get a ton of features including some of the best customer support. Remember to get your $3.95 pricing from WebHostingHub you need to click on our special WebHostingHub discount price link or banner!